GRP Roofing (Fibreglass Roofing)

Concept Construction's customers can cofidently expect a lfetime of leak-free. maintenance free protection from their installation. The membrane's extremely hard wearing structure. 


Not only is GRP ideal for flat roofing; it is highly versatile and can be used for almost any application of any size or complexity, sloping roofs, green roofs, and balconies can all be easily accommodated, as can pools, ponds or water tanks. GRP can adapt to existing or new features such as parapet walls, sky lights, vent pipes, sunpipes and ballustrade, Support structures such as solar panels or air conditioning units can also be intergrated either during or after installation.


Our product is available as standard in dark grey but a range of different colours are available on request. A slip resistant finish can also be applied.


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GRP Roofing(fibreglass roofing)

Fibreglass, also known as Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) or Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic (GFRP) is a material manufactured out of a combination of various elements. Primarily, it’s made of a fibre reinforced plastic resin that is intercut with fine fibres of glass for added strength and durability. Fibreglass is used for a variety of purposes including roofing for both domestic and commercial properties; it makes a great roof surface for garages, sheds, warehouses, conservatories and property extensions, The strength of Fibreglass Roofing makes it extremely durable, with GRP Roofs fitted today lasting as long as 25 years plus, This is mainly due to its ability to ward off wet and windy weather, therefore protecting your home from any irritating leaks – making it a weatherproof, dependable option too, Fibreglass Roofing can also be easily repaired, extended or replaced if needs be, As a particularly lightweight material, Fibreglass Roofs are also quick and easy to lay saving you money in labour costs and with minimum disruption to your home.

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